GlyCLICK® Smart Enzymes

GlyCLICK is a site-specific conjugation technology for IgG using enzymatic remodeling of the Fc-glycans and click-chemistry.

Product Description

The GlyCLICK technology produces stable and homogenous antibody conjugates for IgG from several species and subclasses. Fc-glycan remodeling by complete deglycosylation of the antibody allows site-specific conjugation using click-chemistry, resulting in a degree of label (DOL) or antibody-drug ratio (DAR) of 2.0.


The modular format of the technology offers reliable performance with intact immunoreactivity for sensitive applications. Usage of GlyCLICK is versatile and include in vitro and in vivo imaging as well as immunoassays and cytotoxic drug development. The technology is available in a range of kit formats to facilitate tailored and site-specific labeling of antibodies for a diverse range of applications.


GlyCLICK product box

GlyCLICK enables site-specific and quantitative conjugation of IgG from several species and subclasses with a degree of label (DOL=2.0). The specificity of GlycINATOR allows for the complete deglycosylation of all IgG Fc-glycoforms and does not require any prior engineering of the amino acid sequence. Further more, robust GlyCLICK protocol results in antibody conjugates that are stable and fully labeled thus minimizing the variation between batches.



Key Characteristics:

Human IgG1-4, Fc-fusion proteins, IgG from mouse, rabbit, rat, monkey, sheep, goat, cow and horse

~2-3 day protocol

Available conjugates: AlexaFluor®488, biotin and DFO. Azide activation kits are available for custom conjugation



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